We offer a cutting edge approach in the design, manufacturing and sourcing of quality contract furnishings Leather Sofa Factory proudly stands behind our fine contract / retail furnishings with this warranty.

Our Exclusive Wood, Upholstery, Accents & Accessories Limited Warranty
Effective with products purchased after January 1, 2012

Leather Sofa Factory warrants to you, the original buyer, that goods shall be free of defects in material and/or workmanship attributable to manufacture for a period specified in the detail below from date of buyer’s receipt of product. Damage resulting from improper handling after merchandise is received or from exposure to weather or extreme atmospheric conditions is not covered by the Leather Sofa Factory warranty. Warranty is subject to normal use under normal conditions.

THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE GOODS CONSTITUTES Leather Sofa Factory ENTIRE OBLIGATION. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OR MERCHANT-ABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Leather Sofa Factory shall in no event be liable for incidental or consequential damages. If any model or sample is shown to buyer, such model or sample is used merely to illustrate the general type and quality of goods, and not to represent that goods supplied to buyer will necessarily conform in all respects to the sample or model. All claims for seller’s failure to comply with this warranty shall be governed by the provisions of this paragraph.

Wood furniture
1 year because wood furniture is a product of nature, characteristics such as knots, grain variation, color variation and mineral streaking are not defects and are thus not warranted.
Stainless Steel 3 years Abrasive scratches disturbing the finish and resulting in rust or tarnishing are not covered.

Marble & Stone
1 year nature's own imperfections such as random mineral streaking and color variation should be expected (and desired) and are not warranted.

Glass & Minor Components
1 year Natural glass manufacture characteristics such as small air bubbles, surface waviness and light pitting are to be expected and are not defects. Glass tabletops should not be used as a seating option.

All upholstery warranties are effective from date of delivery and available only to the original purchaser, provided that the piece is upholstered in the original covering. Coverage is subject to normal use under normal conditions. The Leather Sofa Factory coverings warranty does not include fading or stains from spills such as (but not limited to) acids, solvents, dyes, ink, paint, or other corrosive chemicals or body fluids. We caution consumers against improper cleaning, abuse, negligence, application of chemical products, and exposure of coverings to sunlight, bright light or extreme heat. Items so exposed are not protected by this warranty.

Frames & springs
Lifetime (same owner) Normal wear and tear
Cushion cores, pillow inserts back cushions, back pillows and padding 2 years Warranted against loss of resilience under normal conditions. All cushions and pillows will naturally soften with normal use. This is not a material or manufacturing defect. Warranty does not cover any normal softening of cushion core, flattening of a fiber top or loss of loft.
Sleeper mechanisms 2 years
Mattresses 10 years

fabric 1 year Warranted against seam slippage, fraying, and dye transfer. Except where intrinsic to natural characteristics of fabric (e.g., velvet, silks), warranted against nap loss and marking. All COM (Customer's Own Material) and merchandise subject to after-market protective treatments excluded from warranty.
Coverings: leather 1 year Warranted against splitting, seam slippage and dye transfer. Nature's own characteristics such as wrinkling, marking and variations in grain or color are not covered.

Table-top & floor lamps
1 year Please follow usage directions. Improper installation and damage from disregard of safety and/or care instructions, such as incorrect wattage, expired light bulbs, plugs and coverings are not warranted.
Wall art 1 year Please follow installation guidelines, as merchandise is not warranted against improper handling; nor damages resulting from weather conditions such as humidity and exposure to sunlight.
Area rugs 1 year Some irregularity in knotting is not a defect in unique, hand-knotted rugs and is thus not warranted. Fading or damage caused by pets and staining cannot be covered.

Window treatments:
fabrics, workroom & hardware 1 year Fading, wrinkling, improper installation, shrinking and pet damage not covered. Mechanical hardware breakage not warranted.
Top-of-bed, sheets, duvet covers, bedspreads, pillows & throws 1 year Please follow care instructions. Warranty does not cover shrinkage, fading, wrinkling, pet damage or compression.
Clocks & decorative accents 1 year Natural expansion/contraction due to temperature variations is not covered. Damages resulting from improper installation or care are not warranted.

Limitations and Coverage Exclusions

Implied Warranties: Leather Sofa Factory make no implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. These and all other implied warranties are specifically disclaimed. By implied warranties, Leather Sofa Factory references warranties that the law sometimes implies to have been given by the seller, even though they are not documented in writing. (Some states do not allow an exclusion or limitation on the length of an implied warranty, so the above exclusions/limitations may not apply to you.)

Place of Purchase:
This warranty protects purchases from Authorized Leather Sofa Factory Retailers or from Leather Sofa Factory directly.

Commercial Use:
This warranty applies only when you have purchased Leather Sofa Factory furniture for your commercial projects, and not for resale or household use.

Improper Care and Use: Proper care and usage are essential to preserving your rights under this warranty. This warranty does not apply if the Leather Sofa Factory product is damaged by the use of detergents, abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents.

Accidents, Abuse and Normal Wear & Tear: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence, abuse, normal wear and tear, or accidents: including (but not limited to) burns, cuts, scratches, tears, scuffs, watermarks, indentations or pet damage.

Product Modifications: Any product modification by retailer, consumer or other parties not authorized by Leather Sofa Factory will void this warranty.

Floor Samples or As-Is Purchases: This warranty does not cover floor samples or products designated “as is” at time of purchase.

Variations from Floor Samples or Literature: Because of craftsmanship or use of natural materials in p Leather Sofa Factory products, normal variations can occur from piece to piece. This warranty does not cover such differences. Nor are variations from printed illustrations covered.

Consequential or Incidental Damages: Leather Sofa Factory will not be liable for any loss, expense or damage other than to the furniture itself that may result from a defect in the furniture. (Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations/exclusions may not apply to you.)

Your Warranty Rights: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Except for such other rights, the remedies provided under this warranty state the limit of the responsibilities of Leather Sofa Factory EFFECTIVE WITH PRODUCTS PURCHASED ON OR AFTER JANUARY 1, 2012.

The exclusive Leather Sofa Factory warranty is available only to you, the original purchaser, and becomes effective with your delivery date. Leather Sofa Factory will repair or replace — at our discretion — any piece of furniture that is defective in material or workmanship under the terms and conditions outlined here. If Leather Sofa Factory determine that a repair is impractical, you will be furnished a substitute of the same or similar color, design, style and quality.

First and foremost, should you notice a manufacturing defect, it is important that you promptly notify the Leather Sofa Factory or the Authorized Retailer where your purchase was made. If purchased directly from Leather Sofa Factory, contact Leather Sofa Factory directly. To exercise your rights under this warranty, you must submit the original sales receipt and delivery ticket when making a claim. For your convenience, there are a number of ways you may contact us: in writing, via fax, email or online on our contact page.

Before submitting your order please reviews these Terms and Conditions.
Leather Sofa Factory want you to be well informed on every aspect of your purchase; from the moment of your purchase to the day you show off your furniture to family and friends.

1. Before You Submit Your Order. Please check the Order Form prior to submitting it, in order to ensure accuracy of the item numbers, sizes, finishes, and fabrics. Your order will be placed exactly as submitted. It is also important to take measurements to make sure the furniture you are purchasing will fit through your house and can be placed in the area of your choosing. All measurements must be confirmed and reconfirmed. On our website, we strive to provide an accurate representation of the finishes; however, due to changes in lighting and a wide variety of resolution qualities on different computer monitors, some color variation is possible. To determine the exact color of a finish, we suggest that you examine the actual product or see if a finish sample is available.

2. Deposits.
Each product is built and customized to fill your exact order requirement; therefore, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is required before your order begins production. Customer balance due is required within 5 days of when Leather Sofa Factory notifies the customer that the order is nearing completion regardless of delays encountered on the customers end including project completion delays, finalizing upholstery decisions, and other decisions that may hold up our completion of your order. Delays in timely payment of your order balance will cause daily charges based on 24% per annul for interest, insurance and storage to be incurred on all unpaid balances. Orders left past 6 months will be considered abandoned and customers deposit fully forfeited. Full payment is required before any shipment or final installation is made. All sales are final.

3. Customer’s Own Material (COM). Furniture made from COM will be subject to a handling charge of $25.00. Please be aware the manner in which customer’s fabric or other material is applied (e.g., the direction of the pattern, etc.) will be at the discretion of the manufacturer. THERE ARE NO RETURNS OF COM ORDERS FOR ANY REASON.

4. Split Shipment. If a split shipment for any item on your order is approved, you will be required to pay the balance on the delivered items and to maintain a fifty percent (50%) deposit on the remaining items (unless the remaining items require 100%deposit). Additional delivery charges may also apply.

**5. Change of Orders. Order changes will be allowed only within 3 days of order being placed has the ability to change the order with the manufacturer. Each permitted order change will require a $25.00 handling charge. Requests for order changes must be in writing and signed by the customer and must be sent by FAX, U.S. mail or email.
**6. Cancelled /Returned Orders. Cancellation of your order may take place at no expense if your order has not come out of production or pick up from factory has not been scheduled. Once order has been produced and/or a pickup has been scheduled and you decide to cancel your purchase your credit card will be charged 50% of the purchase price. If at the time of delivery you decide you do not want the furniture for any reason, you can refuse the shipment and will only be charged the delivery fee and 50% of your purchase price as a restocking fee. After the delivery team has left your house and you decide to return the furniture within 30 days, simply return the furniture to us at your expense and we will gladly give you a refund less a 50% restocking fee. Once purchase is out of production or scheduled for pick up at the factory, no charge back in excess of fifty percent (50%) of total contract price will be allowed because at this point Leather Sofa Factory has incurred costs and expenses that must be compensated. You may contact us at any time to check the status of your order.

7. Delivery Charges. Delivery is $99.00 for the first 50 miles not withstanding any Special items. Special items must be agreed upon at the time the order is placed. (Examples: limited hours of access to your neighborhood, building or freight elevator, limited access to your home by large trucks, More than one flight of stairs, item/s purchased are too heavy for two adult men to carry, etc.) The customer will be responsible for all delivery charges which fall under the Special items category.

8. Expected Time Of Delivery. All Delivery times are Estimates. The delivery times depend a great deal on availability. If the items are in stock at the manufacturer, we average 4 to 6 weeks. There is a great chance you will receive your items quicker and we will always do everything we can to insure timely delivery. Please Note: These are estimates, not guarantees. When it comes to delivery times, we refer to the manufacture to any furniture pieces Leather Sofa Factory does not make (accessories) and resale. We are at the mercy of the manufacturer. Normally we are able to pick up your furniture from the mfg. within 2-4 weeks of your order. At that point your furniture will be on the next truck to your area which is about every 2-6 weeks on the East Coast, and 4-6 weeks on the West Coast. If we see there's going to be an unusual delay in your shipment, we will notify you. **Upholstery orders may take longer than our estimates due to fabric manufacturer or leather production lead times.

9. Holding Your Order. You will be notified when your order is received at our distribution center. Orders held at our distribution center more than thirty (30) days after notification at the customer’s request may be assessed a nominal storage fee by the distribution center.

10. Pre-delivery. You will be notified when your furniture arrives at the distribution center and a delivery will be scheduled shortly thereafter. You may, of course, choose to pick up your furniture directly from our distribution center yourself or have it delivered through another delivery service or carrier. While this procedure is welcomed, you should be aware any furniture picked up in this manner will be treated as an “AS IS” purchase and may not be returned for any reason. The movers travel hundreds of miles and make numerous deliveries. The delivery service will make every effort to meet your scheduled delivery time, but please remember delays may occur due to circumstances beyond the driver’s control. Have your rooms and pathways to your room(s) cleared and ready for delivery as the drivers cannot move existing furniture. If you cannot be present at the time of the scheduled delivery, please make arrangements to have a responsible representative present to fully inspect and accept the furniture on your behalf. The signature of your representative on the Bill of Lading binds you with respect to all aspects of the acceptance of the delivery including the condition of the items delivered. If an item weighs over 300 lbs., you may be asked to provide assistance in moving it.

11. Delivery. Delivery is made by two (2) movers who specialize in delivering furniture. If the location of the delivery is not accessible by our delivery truck, it is your responsibility to provide transportation from the truck to the location of delivery. If your order is undeliverable for any reason, the furniture will not be delivered and you will be charged a fifty percent (50%) re-stocking fee plus freight charges. If the movers have difficulty placing an item in the area of your choosing due to limitations such as narrow halls, stairways, corners or ceiling heights, the items will be placed in another area of your home. If you insist the movers maneuver an item in a difficult situation, you will be responsible for any resulting damages to the furniture and the premises. The movers are not permitted to dispose of packing materials and those items will be left with you. Please carefully review the section entitled “Damaged Furniture.”

12. Defective Furniture. The furniture sold by Leather Sofa Factory .com is warranted, by Leather Sofa All merchandise we sell go thru a excellent quality control, but defective items are occasionally shipped. In most cases, defects are of minor nature and can be cleared up in the home by a professional furniture technician. In the event you receive an item you feel is defective, please send us photographs clearly showing the defect along with a written description so that we can assist you with submitting the claim. While we don’t offer refunds for defective furniture, the manufacturer will be willing to repair or replace the item if the situation warrants. WORKING WITH THE MANUFACTURER, WILL DETERMINE IF AN ITEM NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED OR REPLACED. Natural flaws and imperfections in wood add to a piece’s beauty and charm and should not be viewed as damages or defects. Natural stone varies in color and veining, and there is no control over veining or color.

13. Damaged Furniture. Occasionally, the furniture may experience minor damage during shipment or it may contain manufacturer defects. Please take your time an inspect all the furniture upon delivery and denote any damages or defects on the delivery ticket(bill of lading), as it is much easier to have these problems corrected when denoted on the delivery ticket. PLEASE DENOTE ANY DAMAGES OR DEFECTS ON DELIVERY SLIP EVEN IF YOU KEEP AN ITEM

If your delivery is taking place after our normal business hours please contact our on call customer service person and they will help you determine what to do. The phone number will be provided before your scheduled delivery time. If you have misplaced the number the delivery team will be able to give you the number.

If you are directed to keep the piece of furniture that is damaged we will have a professional furniture technician come to your home and correct the problem. If the problem is not corrected back to or better than manufacturer standards, we will have a new piece sent to you at no additional cost. If you are directed to refuse the item we will have it replaced or repaired (per our manufacturer’s recommendation) and redelivered to you at no additional cost. In the event an item is returned you may request a credit for that item until the item is returned to your home. Please take your time and inspect the furniture upon delivery, as it is much easier to have any problems corrected if they are noted on the delivery receipt. For extremely simple fixes such as replacing a broken handle, we will Fed-ex the parts to you and ask you to install them.


14. Title to Goods. Title to goods passes to you at the time of delivery.

**15. Jurisdiction and Venue. This document and purchase disputes shall be construed under the laws of the State of Florida and venue and jurisdiction shall be in Broward County, Florida.
16. Unpaid Balances. Any balance more than thirty (30) days past due shall bear interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annul. In the event collection efforts are necessary, the customer shall be responsible for all expenses of collection including attorney’s fees and costs.