Italian Leather:

In pet-friendly households, distressed leather is preferable to coated, as any scratch marks will only blend in to its patina design.

Ultra leather:

Protection that lasts forever. Created to safeguard against the growth of bacteria and other microbes, the Antimicrobial Solution delivers inherent, EPA-registered technology providing an impermeable defense for the life of the fabric. These hard-working high performance polyurethane materials also provide the ultimate in durability, and are proven to withstand various common alcohol-based cleaners and disinfectants, including a 1:5 bleach/water solution. This PVC-free portfolio provides essential upholstery options for demanding settings in healthcare, hospitality, corporate, and other markets.




The best pet and child friendly fabrics for furniture are very tight-weaved like Ultrasuede. The weave is too tight for the cats and dogs to get their claws into, and the fabric is very easy to clean, you can wipe spots with just warm water.They come in a variety of colors and prints that don’t show pet hair as easily as solid colors does.


Sunbrella fabric are completely washable and you can even put bleach on it and it won't change the color, great especially when children and pets are involved.


Irish Linens:

Natrual linens like our 100% Irish linens


Breathable Fabric:

The only fabric that breathes. A solution that speaks to all of your senses, this one and only polyurethane material is engineered with a one-of-a-kind ventilation system. This revolutionary breakthrough enhances softness and promotes airflow circulation for ultimate seating comfort. The unique cellular structure provides expanded applications that include acoustical dampening and sound absorption. Aesthetics, durability and functionality united in one uniquely intelligent fabric.


Ink & Stain Resistant Fabric:

Not that you would, but you could.
Stains are a thing of the past thanks to the innovative, meticulously crafted repellency and clean-ability features of this one of a kind, high-performance solution. Life happens – in the form of ballpoint pens, red wine, mustard, denim dyes, and other stubborn stains. With our one-of-a-kind technology, our fabrics endure busy settings and high-traffic environments, staying beautiful with the passing of time.

Fabrics that redefine expectations.
High traffic environments require the ultimate in durability. The Performance Plus Solution changes the expectation for what a polyurethane fabric can be, do and feel like. Combining high performance and ease of care with enduring softness and beauty, these hardworking materials are engineered to out-perform the highest levels of abrasion resistance.




Sofa Fabrics for Pet Owners to Avoid
Just as there are specific sofa fabrics that are recommended for households with pets, there are others that should be avoided when dogs and cats enter the home.

Many people prefer the look and feel of a chenille finish, as it is both textured and soft. However, when animal nails come into contact with the loops comprising its nubby pile, the finish is easily pulled and soiled and, once unraveled, it is impossible to repair.

At a glance, velvet seems like the ideal fabric for pets. Its pile is soft and sturdy, and a dark shade hides dirt well. In addition, its surface is such that hair and debris are easily wiped away with a damp cloth or lint brush. However, stains in velvet are extremely difficult to remove, and undue animal activity may crush the velvet irreparably.

Even in pet-free households, silk is a bit of a gamble. Although beautiful to the eye and the touch, it is fragile and highly prone to stains, tears, and moisture damage. It is also tremendously difficult to clean.

True, tweed is a surface easily cleaned, yet it is one to which pet hair holds tight. Similar to chenille, any damage to its surface is also difficult, if not impossible, to repair.

Wool and linen are both fragile, easy to mar, and hard to clean, making them two additional fabrics pet owners should avoid.