8-way hand-tied furniture:

If you're looking at quality furniture, there's a very good chance it's traditionally 8-way hand-tied, and you might not even know it. This type of detail and care is a procedure found in many exquisite furniture companies as part of their man-made and hand-crafted furniture process.

In simple terms, 8-way hand-tied is a construction method for furniture where a series of coils are each tied, from front to back, side to side, and diagonally, eight times. The name explains the process. It's tied 8 times, by hand! If you're looking for proper support from your seat and a level of comfort that's built to last, then you want your furniture 8-way hand-tied.



How it's built

Traditional 8-way hand-tied coils are built into the bottom of the frame so that they are attached directly to the frame of the sofa or chair. The upholstery sits on the top of this, so if you wanted, you could feel the coils under the upholstery. A true 8-way hand-tied coil system will allow you to feel the bottom of the spring.

Be cautious! If you don’t feel the bottom of the spring then the piece of furniture is not actually traditionally 8-way hand-tied. This may mean it's a drop-in coil unit or webbing. Either of these choices will result in a lesser quality than the traditionally 8-way hand-tied pieces.


This system creates even comfort because it prevents any give in the frame. It secures the foundation that is built for your furniture so that you don't have to worry about your sofa wearing down quickly and becoming uncomfortable to sit on. This traditional method is believed to offer the most superior comfort when a piece of furniture it's truly traditionally tied. 


It sounds good but what does it mean?

The 8-way hand-tied spring is a symbol of quality in the furniture industry. It uses coil springs that are not only the most resilient, but also strong and flexible. These coil springs are the longest lasting type of spring. It's always possible that a spring may break, give out, or loosen eventually, however, they typically withstand the test of time.

The springs are tied together in eight directions with twine, which provides a stability within the piece of furniture that will keep the springs from shifting. This means that your piece of furniture will remain comfortable to lounge on for a longer period of time, because the springs are properly placed. With the 8-way hand-tied method comes not only quality of long lasting furniture, but also a quality of comfort that cannot be achieved without it!